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Rachel Samantha Nider
20, New Jersey, Happily Taken by my incredible girlfriend Demi<3
writer, poetry, giraffes, make me smile

Remember, You are beautiful
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County College of Morris students are breaking spring fever

Spring Fever, it is an incurable illness that attacks all students towards the end of the semester entering warm weather and signs of vacation and spreads like wildfire. CCM Students are aware of the troubles that could come with feeding into Spring Fever and use coping mechanisms to stay on track without being hit.

Biology major, Alex Dimick shared his advice while studying in the Student Center…

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Are make-up classes at the County College of Morris actually being made up?

During the 2014 spring semester, CCM Professors were advised to extend classes to make up for lost time. Due to necessary closings and delays caused by unfortunate weather this past winter.

15-minute extensions to regular class times, additional classes on Saturdays, or finding another time to meet the hours needed for course completion were the instructions given to all CCM Professors.

Was it…

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Cancer causes heartbreak for Holocaust survivor and family

By Rachel Nider

Cancer, a cureless and terminal disease, took the life of a beloved aunt, wife and friend, 79-year-old Florida resident. Felicia Nider was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer after not being to a doctor in 25 years, making it almost impossible for a treatment to save her life in 2011.

Leading to the downfall of her beloved husband, Morris Nider, a Holocaust hero and survivor…

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